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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

By accessing this site you agree to these terms. Please check our terms of service regularly.

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To access the content of this site you may be asked to provide some personal information such as name, email and others. If we believe that the information is not correct or true, we have the right to refuse and / or terminate access at any time without notice.

Restrictions on use

You may only use this site and the content on it for purposes permitted by the company. You may not use it for any other purpose, especially commercial, without our prior consent.

Do not associate our brands with any other brands. Do not expose our name, logo, and so on, in an undue manner to cause confusion.

Information property

The content of the site may not be copied, distributed, published, uploaded, posted or transmitted by any other means without our prior consent, only if the purpose is only the disclosure.


This site may contain links to other sites that are not maintained or related to our company. We are not responsible for the content of these links. The user takes full risk when accessing these hyperlinks.


By posting any comments or testimonials on our site you automatically authorize the publication of the same anywhere we wish, in order to cooperate with the disclosure of our products.

Legal notice

Information obtained by using this site is not complete and does not cover all issues, topics or facts that may be relevant to your goals. Use of this site is at your own risk. Content is offered as is and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. The content of this site is not final word on any subject, and we can make improvements and updates at any time.

You, and not our company, assume the cost of any necessary service, repair or correction in the event of any loss or damage resulting from the use of this site or its content.

You understand that our company can not and does not guarantee that files available for download from the Internet are free from viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that may manifest contaminating or destructive properties.


Trademarks and logos on this site are the property of the company or the party that made them available to the company. The company and the parties that made available a trademark and soon have all rights over them.

User-provided information

You may not post, submit, or link to this site any material that:

You do not have the right to post, including material owned by third parties advocate illegal activity or discuss the intent to do something illegal; whether vulgar, obscene, pornographic or indecent does not directly relate to this site; may threaten or insult others, defame, slander, invade privacy, persecute, be obscene, pornographic, racist, harass or offend; seeks to exploit or harm children by exposing them to inappropriate content, ask about personal information or any of the like; infringes any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity, including copyright, trademark or publicity rights violations; violate any law or may be considered to violate the law; personify or misrepresent your connection to any entity or person; or manipulates titles or identifiers to cover up the source of the content to promote any commercial enterprise (eg offering products or services on sale) or engages in any way in a commercial activity (eg conducting sweepstakes or contests, exhibiting sponsor banners and / or request goods and services) except as specifically authorized on this site; request funds, disclosures or sponsors; include programs with viruses, worms and / or Trojan horses or any other code, file or computer program intended to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications software or hardware; interrupt the normal flow of the conversation, make the screen "roll" faster than other users can follow or even act to affect other people's ability to engage in real-time activities on this site; include files in MP3 format disobeys any policy or rule established from time to time for the use of this site or any network connected to it; or contain hyperlinks to sites that contain content that fit the above descriptions.

Even without the obligation to do so, our Company reserves the right to monitor the use of this site to determine compliance with this Term of Use.


All password used for this site is for individual use only. You are responsible for the security of your password (if applicable). The Company has the right to monitor the security of your password and at its discretion may require you to change it. If you use any password that the Company considers unsafe, the company has the right to request that the password be modified and / or cancel your account.

The company reserves the right to cooperate fully with the competent authorities or requests from the courts for the Company to disclose the identity of any person who posts e-mail, message or makes available any material that may violate this Term of Use.


User Information

We guarantee that any personal information of users will not be provided, published or marketed under any circumstances. This information is safe with us. Except in cases of user participation in any comment or posting. In this case, the name, email and testimonial may be published, according to our terms of use.

We never send emails requesting data confirmation / registration or with executable attachments (exe extension, com, scr, bat) and download links.

To enjoy the additional benefits of the site and receive the email with information about our services, you need to register in one of our opt-in forms. This registry is stored in a protected and stealth database.

If you do not want to receive more information, just click on the cancellation link at the bottom of each message or let us know by e-mail. We never send spam.


We may use cookie technology to enhance the user experience. This helps in identifying your IP, facilitating navigation and customizing navigation. You can block any use of cookies directly in your browser.

Doubts and correction of data

In case of doubts the user can contact by e-mail:

The company reserves the right to change the policy at any time.

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