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Life has no rerun!
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our movies
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Life has no rerun!
About Us
Because life has no rerun

We are a production company specializing in wedding films. We believe that the best memory of an important day is one with sounds and movements.

The wedding video is a testimony to a lifetime, and there is no better satisfaction than reliving the heartfelt emotion of an unforgettable day.

We are moved by love, and it is in us that we are inspired, so our films are made for couples who overflow with this feeling, and want to save in their hearts the force that unites them.

With determination, we produce it and live that important day with our customers, but behind the scenes. And be sure that your story will be a familiar milestone, a legacy in your life, after all remember is to live.

We love what we do, and thanks to this we are storytellers everywhere, in addition to building friendships for the rest of our lives. Contact us and we will start the next story, yours!
Frequently Asked Questions

Laversa originates from the Italian and means the opposite, the reverse, unexpected.

And that is what we bring to our movies, a break of expectation, a surprise for our customers.

We are a craft producer, we do not like to make all films the same, because we believe that each couple is unique, so the film needs to be unique as well, we like to know the history, the details, so that the film comes out with authenticity and personality of the couple.

For those who want to perpetuate their history forever, with images, sound and movement.

Our Movies are suitable for real love couples, so we can pass this on to our movies.

We choose the tracks according to the couple, each one has its personality, and we search for trails that are part of their history.

We took the time we needed for the content of our movies.

This varies greatly from event to event. We do not sell equipment in our proposal, we sell an art. So it depends on each wedding, but we always use at least 3 cameras.

Laversa is a company that only works with films, we do not offer the photography service. We believe that offering only one type of service is crucial to improving our work more and more. Our specialty is movies, and movies is what we're going to do!

Yes, we serve all over Brazil and abroad. We are in charge of organizing our trip (buying tickets, booking hotels, food and everything else).

We love to travel and to know new places.

We do not think it's convenient to have a wedding movie with people chewing their mouths open. It also does not feel like filming the guests posing for photos along with the bride and groom, as they will have the photographer's record. While these moments happen, we take to film the decoration, spontaneous moments like Grandma hugging the bride and groom, who may come from afar to honor this unique moment. These are important scenes that will make a difference in the film.

Yes, we use drone.

However we believe that regardless of the equipment that will be used the important thing is to know how to use. The essence of the video will be in the emotions felt at the celebration or party, the equipment used is rather important but it is not only because of it that the work will get better or worse.